Montag, 26. Januar 2009

GeorgT's "We'll see" doctrine

I found the following sentences from Sergio Benvenuto the best
possible summary of what I considered my "We'll see" doctrine.

"Stable order is always provisional and threatened by complexity.
We should finally start thinking that we all live on the edge of chaos.
For this reason, if they were truly digested, the theories of complexity
and chaos could change our way of seeing what happens in our cultures.
They lead us to mistrust all the totalising and totalitarian conceptions
which have the pretension of telling us with certainty what the world
will be like and which therefore supply us with the instruments to
dominate as we may please – or to help us submit to those who, in their
opinion, will dominate us. Living on the edge of chaos is also an
aesthetic choice: the acceptance of living joyously with the
unpredictable, the new and the unknown. Rather than being simply
the humiliation of our arrogance, it is the renunciation of the
imaginary "regular income" of determinism and the transformation of
our uncertainties into a genuine wealth to help us to survive."

Sergio Benvenuto