Mittwoch, 12. Dezember 2012

What is to be done?

In my last three posts ( 1 , 2 , 3 ) I layed out the essence of my theoretical, analytical thinking about the root causes of our current calamities with my own words. Since I like to think of myself as an practical man with some theoretical and analytical skills, it is no suprise that all this leads to the ultimate practical question of: "What is to be done?"

And of course I was researching for answers. But who am I ? Is it me alone, who has to deliver the answers to that question? Certainly not. Since I have a strong believe in democracy, freedom, equality and fraternity in their original, modern and non pervertet meaning, I would like to point the readers of my blog to an democratic effort promoting the culture of peace that started in late 1998. This effort yielded, despite the strong resistance from the EU, an UN resolution, which is, thanks to the EU, only a shadow of the original draft.
I consider the original draft, the declaration and programme of action on a culture of peace,  a very good answer to the above question, which I strongly recommend you to read.


Georg Trappe

If that ignited your curiosity, I recommend you this web site for further reading.

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  1. From that declaration:
    Article 8. The media, in addition to their powerful educative role, play a decisive role in ensuring the exercise of freedom of opinion, expression and information.
    So we must hope that the culture of media is ever further transformed by the www, as clearly Mr. Murdoch and the like do not conform to the ideal stated in the above article.
    Thx for the links!