Emergence or the source of intrinsic value of fiat money

The intrinsic value of fiat money is zero at a first glance. To get things going this must be hidden. One way to do that is to "cover" the paper by something considered valuable, like gold or other securities of some sort. This will create the acceptance or better the idolatrous love of money, because money then is accepted as good/valuable as the cover (deposited?).

Source of Magick

This is the first step in the bootstrap process which I call the refinement to Umlauffaehigkeit. If money is accepted as payment, then money is a claim against the public. I can buy everything that is offered and accepts money as payment with it. The seller of the real value makes an exchange of the kind open account receivable = Realkredit = a specific claim against
the buyer for a refined for Umlauffaehigkeit claim against the public. Another important element for creating and maintaining the acceptance = refinement for Umlauffaehigkeit is the collection of taxes by the state in the form of money. So everyone wishing to participate in economic life in a legal way is forced to either borrow money from the Masters of
the Universe or work for money that was borrowed from the Masters of the Universe by someone else, or sell an existing real value ​​for money. There is no alternative in the legal framework. If general acceptance of money is made this way, money is, as has been said, a claim against the public and thus a perfect tool to manage - and coordinate behavior and work of many people. It can be used to pay armies (of workers). And it is in the hands of those providing the money to determine, into what kind of endeavour the work of these armies flows. It could be war (H.Schacht) or it could be the build up of a society of consumers as
Germany did following the example of the US after WW2. And that is the point where money gets an intrinsic value. It gains value out of the function to motivate people to work in a cooperative and coordinated way. This way societies can accomplish tasks that individuals alone without the coordinating force/motif could never accomplish.
By the way, this is the point, where the system becomes non ergodic. This organizational power = power enabled by money to motivate many people to coordinated work towards goals set by the money suppliers, creates the intrinsic / emergent value of fiat money. The value arises from precisely this function of money as a management and control instrument.
In a world with highly divided work no one can imagine to make a living alone with his family on a piece of land. Everyone sees the advantages of work coordinated, organized and controlled by money flows. And so they submit to this power of money = the power of those who create money out of nothing and decide to whom, when, for what, how much and with what conditions attached this money = claim against the public is granted as a loan. Well knowing that the creators and the so called investors take a hughe part of the work results in form of interest, profit and ownership on companies.
The problem with that is, the permanent repetition of this "recipe for success" of "investing" = skimming emergent added values establishes a concentration process. Because the success recipe does not yield homogeneus equal good results over the population
of enterprises and over time. Yields scatter. And that alone is enough to cause the huge problems we are facing.

Sapere Aude!

Georg Trappe

P.S.:To be very clear and to avoid all kinds of potential misunderstandings. Money is the perfect tool of exploitation. In conjunction with the stochastic multiplicative process of an for ever repeating "success recipe" of investing it enables exponential economic growth AND the concentration of the so gained wealth into a very few hands at the same time. At the bottom of the so build wealth pyramid you find those unable to accumulate, like the environment, animals and slaves. They give everything they have and don't get a single penny in return. At the very top of this arrangement you find the masters of the universe in a coalition with those characters who are found in the top ranks of forbes lists. Inbetween you have a very deep staggered hierarchy and the wealth accumulated of each one of us describes the rank "achieved" in that hierarchy. So the truth about the so called social upward mobility in our societies is, that it is a steep downward to an extreme asocial behaviour enabled by money that at the end destroys all cohesion in our societies. And the "science" of economics is the science of deception and self deception in regard of all this.

 As Hermann Oberth said:
„Im Leben stehen einem anständigen Charakter so und so viele Wege offen, um vorwärts zu kommen. Einem Schurken stehen bei gleicher Intelligenz und Tatkraft auf dem gleichen Platz diese Wege auch alle offen, daneben aber auch noch andere, die ein anständiger Kerl nicht geht. Er hat daher mehr Chancen, vorwärts zu kommen. Infolge dieser negativen charakterlichen Auslese findet eine Anreicherung der höheren Gesellschaftsschichten mit Schurken statt. Das ethische Durchschnittsniveau einer Gesellschaftsschicht wird um so schlechter, je besser und einflussreicher sie gestellt ist. Nur dieser Umstand vermag die Tatsache zu erklären, warum die Welt nicht schon seit mindestens fünftausend Jahren ein Paradies ist. Das muss man wissen, wenn man die Weltgeschichte verstehen will.“

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